CITY’S mission is to equip community youth with the healthy relationship tools they need to put them on the path to a brighter future. We are a group of educators with a passion for illuminating the community youth on what safe relations with oneself and others look like, and the imperative qualities needed for a healthy lifestyle.
 To address the types of issues that impact the future health and success of students, the State of TN has enacted requirements of school districts to provide SRAE education to students. Many times it can be challenging for schools to find a way to make these programs accessible to their students. At no cost to you, C.I.T.Y. wants to be your partner. We exist to support schools and other organizations wanting to impact youth in Shelby County with both effective educational tools as well as detailed case management. It’s our privilege to help your students with either our Federally approved training Love Notes or Relationship Smarts. .

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